Solar Panels Canberra Installations: Are they worth the investment?

Are solar panels Canberra installations still worth it? This is one of key questions that many Canberra ACT residents still grapple with following the changing incentives regime both at the ACT and the Federal Government level.  The truth of the matter is that investing in a solar panel for your home or business is still worth every penny. Here is how solar power installations in Canberra still offer you an excellent return on your investment.

Solar Panels Canberra

Australia has seen a tremendous growth in the solar power installations in the recent years. Currently, there are over 1 million Australian homes which are powered by solar to some extent. Canberra in the ACT also has its fair share of solar panel installations. Several factors have led to the fast adoption of the solar panels. The most important factor has been the gradual drop in the pricing of the solar panel units, a fact which is attributable to the drops in the cost of the solar PV technology. Government incentives are still a factor in the adoption of solar power as is the rising cost of electricity from the main supplies forcing many to adopt alternative energy sources. The ACT government’s ambitious program of pursuing a clean energy future is also serving as a great incentive for many residents to give serious consideration to the solar energy options.

The territory has launched a program to see that up to 90% of its energies will come from the renewable sources by the year 2020. Australia’s most ambitious incentive program for large scale solar installations is also based in the ACT thanks to its reverse-auction feed-in tariff program.

The Federal and ACT Incentives Canberra Consumers Can Take Advantage Of

The ACT is therefore the best place in Australia in which consumers can invest in solar panel installations and this is due to a host of incentives which are available to the residents. The Federal solar rebates apply to the solar panels Canberra installations with a capacity of up to 100Kw. These fall under the aegis of the small-scale technology certificates, a form of currency for the renewable energy sources.

The STCs are up-front rebates provided on the cost of installing the PV cells. The STCs can be traded in the green markets with the value changing or fluctuating based on the supply and demand like that of other traded items.  They will offset the value of the solar systems significantly during the installation process.

The best way to maximize on your energy savings is by avoiding purchasing electricity as much as possible, if you can generate the surplus to save on the costs. If you are looking for top quality solar panels Canberra installation services for your premises, check out the SolarHub range of services. The company offers a selection of packages that consumers can choose from depending on their needs and budget. These include Diamond, Platinum and the Gold range. Give a call today to the company’s customer service team at (02) 6140 4678 or visit the site at for additional details.

Post Author: Charles Hall